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    This Is A Campaign At Thessaloniki,Greece. We Are Currently Playing Vampire:The Requiem. The Rest,You Will Be Able To See At The Wiki Soon... Creative Commons  … </p>

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    Roseta Stone

    Rosera Stone Is A Member Of The Circle Of The Crone And The Current Owner/Elysium Master Of The "Midnight Blue And Bloody Merry" Bar/Elysium,Where She Usually Can Be Found. She Currently Wears Her Hair Jet Black Which Makes A Strong Contrast To Her …

  • Kassandra

    Kassandra Is Thessaloniki's Current Prince,She Was Appointed By Invictus Elders After The Old Prince Died During [[midnight | Midnight Blue & Bloody Merry]] Was Bombed During WW2. She Appears To Be At Her Early 40's With A Well Preserved Body And …

  • Xenon

    Xenon Appears To Be A Man At His Late 80's Which Makes Many Wonder Who Would Embrace Him At That Age. He Looks Withered And Pale Even When He Uses The "Blush Of Life" And He Wears His Hair Short-Cut Silver. His Wardrobe Seems To Be The Same As Every …

  • Sandy Raynor

    As A Young Woman,Sandy Can Fit n Quite About Any Environment Pretending On Being From A School Student n A Research To A Company Representative-She Wears Her Hair Long,Chestnut Brown.

  • Julia Desai

    Julia Was A Talented Watchmaker When She Was Alive,And Her Embrace Wouldn't Stop Her From Making Her Precious Watches. She Didn't Even Notice When Some Assailant's Threw Acid All Over Her Face. ......