At About 100 B.C. A Now-Forgotten Vampire Opened A Little Gathering Place For Himself And Other Members Of The Sabbat To Meet Safely.

Of Course,Soon,The Camarilla Found Out About It And Burned The Small Hideout To The Ground Together With Its Owner And A Few (Also Unremembered) Vampires.

Later The Place Was Rebuilt By The Anarchs That Fact Left It Almost Completely Unaffected By The Fall Of Camarilla.

After That It Changed Many Owners And Eventually Evolved To A Place For Smoking Weed And After The First World War When It Was Bombed It Was Rebuilt As Part Of A Residential Building By The Name Of “Midnight Blue & Bloody Merry” And Worked As An Exclusive Bar & Elysium Where Only A Select Number Of Kindred Elders Can Get In.

Its Current Owner Is Roseta Stone

It Is Positioned Close To St.George Church


Midnight Blue & Bloody Merry Legio