Rules Of The City

1.Gula-There Have Always Been Too Many Kindred In The City Don’t Spend Blood Unless Nessesary And Never Take More Than You Need.

2.Fornicatio-Do Not Overindulge Yourself Lest The Beast Inside Gains Too Muck Power Over You.

3.Avaritia-Be Happy With What You Have,For Chasing Ones Dream May Bring Final Death Swiftly.

4.Tristitia-You Have Entered The Danse Macabre,You Are Now Part Of It,If One Is Caught Trying To See The Sunrise She Will Be Punished By Serving An Elder For 3000 Nights.

5.Ira-One Must Hold The Beast Inside From Taking Control Or Be Punished Accordingly.

6.Acedia-One Must Do A Job Appointed To Her By An Elder Or The Prince At The Cost Of 1000 Nights.

7.Vanagloria-One Must Know Her Place Amongst The Dead.In Case Of Disrespect 1000 Nights Must Be Served.

The Rules Have Been Slowly Evolving As Long As They Have Existed,And Many Kindred Have Been Specializing On Finding Loopholes To Use Against Elders And The Prince.

Rules Of The City

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